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ITW BF ModPlus Slot Die Applicator, Single Module, 1" Coating Width, 240V

Product SKU: 104868

ITW Dynatec’s MOD-PLUS DYNA BF Applicator Head is an air-operated, single or multi-nozzle hot melt adhesive applicator assembly with an integrated filter cartridge which prevents particulate matter from obstructing flow through the head. It is used with intermittent pressure and constant pressure hot melt adhesive supply units (ASUs).

Each Mod-Plus Dyna BF applicator features one or more adhesive valve modules mounted to a single service block. Each module is opened and closed by air pressure. Springs are used to keep needles closed when no air pressure is supplied to the head. The rate of adhesive flow from the ap-plicator is determined by the adhesive pressure applied by the ASU’s pump and the size of the nozzle orifice

The applicator is heated by replaceable cartridge heating elements which are controlled by an inte-grated RTD sensor and electronic control.

As seen in the illustration below, the Mod-Plus Dyna BF module(s) is mounted onto a service block. A piston inside the module is pneumatically triggered by a solenoid, which allows adhesive to flow through a valve within the module. The module has an adjustable stroke for applications which require that the operator make manual adjustments to the stem stroke, ie. the vertical travel of the needle, in order to adjust the quantity of adhesive coming from the module.

The heated adhesive supply hose may be connected at the rear of the service block or at the top. Adhesive flows from the hose into and through the channels within the block to the module. Air pressure opens the adhesive valve, allowing adhesive to flow through the module’s nozzle when the valve is open

Operating air, from the solenoid valve, and electrical connections are made at the top of the service block.

Eight standard Mod-Plus Dyna BF models supporting up to eight modules, are available, ranging in width from 44mm to 198mm (1.73” to 7.8”). Each model can be configured for either ITW Dynatec’s DynaControl or Dynamini controller, or it can be con-figured for a competitive upgrade. Washdown models are available for all of these configurations.


Downloadable PDF:

adobe pdf icon logo png transparentBF ModPlus Slot Die Applicator: Manual


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