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Slautterback Hot Melt Equipment Supported by Astro Packaging

Search under Astro Packaging for direct replacement parts for Slautterback® equipment!

Astro Packaging was previously the largest North American Slautterback® distributor in the country, and now manufactures and supports the complete line of Slautterback® hot melt equipment in Astro RED! The popular Slautterback® KB20 and the Slautterback LS10 hot melt units are still available, with spare parts in stock.

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Slautterback Hot Melt Equipment

Born from the all-electric technology started by Fred Slautterback, Astro Packaging has built a complete line of hot melt glue machines that are still compatible with old Slautterback glue machines. Compatible spare parts are in stock and available for same day shipping.

With several enhancements to the Slautterback® design, Astro Packaging is the only company in the U.S. that manufactures replacement parts and offers technical support that Slautterback® customers came to appreciate and deserve. Astro Packaging has a large distribution network throughout the United States to help support the Astro brand of hot melt equipment.

Depending on your application, the all-electric technology can simplify your operation while saving money and minimizing down time. The simple how and why of the Astro Packaging all-electric hot melt applicator system:

  • All-electric pump and valves, with no compressed air required.
  • Powerful gear pumps without complicated pneumatic pump assemblies and fewer seals.
  • Minimized nozzle plugging
  • Centralized wiring and temperature controls
  • Unique cylindrical melt tank design
  • Sealed electric drive motor
  • Cool touch hoses for seamless hot melt transfer from tank to application point.

Astro Packaging continues to employ technicians who were factory trained by both Slautterback® and Nordson® Corporation, and can help with technical issues and replacement parts.

We have a proven track record for quality service, competitive prices and reliable hot melt equipment. We realize in today’s competitive marketplace, customers are faced with many choices and that is why Astro Packaging provides unmatched service and support.


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