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Astro Packaging

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Astro Packaging Refurbish & Exchange Programs

Nordson® Rebuild Kits | Nozzle Cleaning Kits | Nordson® ProBlue Refurbished Pumps

Astro Packaging rebuilds existing hot melt equipment or provides exchange equipment already rebuilt and in stock. We rebuild Nordson® glue machines, Nordson® ProBlue pumps, Nordson® hot melt guns and many other manufacturers equipment; including Slautterback®, ITW Dynatec® and Graco® hot melt systems. Astro Packaging also stocks Nordson® exchange equipment so you can trade-in your old Nordson® equipment for a rebuilt piece of hot melt equipment. Astro Packaging's equipment exchange program requires a trade-in core for specialized pricing, but allows up to 30 days so production doesn’t stop until the replacement equipment arrives.


Refurbished/Exchange Nordson® ProBlue Glue Machines

Nordson Refurbished ProBlue Glue Machine

Advantages of Reconditioned Equipment from Astro Packaging

  • Genuine Astro Packaging Parts are featured in all reconditioned systems to provide reliable, consistent operation.
  • All reconditioned equipment is thoroughly tested, including mechanical functions, pneumatics, hydraulics and electronics.
  • Astro Packaging and the Astro Sales and Service Organization stand behind every piece of reconditioned equipment.
  • Exchange your current melter for one rebuilt to your specifications
  • Warranty for all reconditioned equipment, with easy order replacement, including a 1-year warranty on rebuilt Nordson® ProBlue glue machines

Before & After Nordson ProBlue Panel

Watch the Video of How it Works!


Contact Astro Packaging for more information on our hot melt exchange programs. For questions specific to refurbishing your current equipment, call 800-642-7876. Refurbishing existing hot melt equipment is a great way to save money and extend the service life of your hot melt equipment. Astro Packaging uses genuine Astro Packaging parts and our technicians are OEM certified and factory trained with over 100 years of combined experience.


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