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AstroMini Manual Hot Melt Gun

AstroMini, Manual Hot Melt Gun


Astro Packaging AstroMini Hot Melt Glue Gun

The Astro Mini is a small, hand-held hotmelt adhesive applicator. Replace staple, tape, cold glue, shrink wrap and strap methods using the Astro Mini. Enjoy fast and reliable bonding of leather, wood, cardboard, ceramics, rubber, plastic, carpet, textiles and most other materials.

The small reservoir system is larger and more efficient than stick guns yet smaller than more expensive tank systems. The reservoir holds 7 oz. (0.21 1 of hotmelt adhesive and is capable of dispensing up to 4 oz. (0.12 1) per minute.

The Astro Mini is the perfect substitute for messy stick and slug glue guns. The design is portable, stands on the work surface and is easy to handle. Its clean, quiet operation makes it suitable for office and light industrial environments.
Save money on adhesive with the Astro Mini which accepts bulk hotmelt in granule, chiclet or pillow form. Packaging grade or pressure sensitive hotmelt can be used in this versatile, trigger-operated hotmelt applicator.

Operating the Astro Mini is easy. Simply plug it into an electrical outlet and fill the tank with hotmelt. After a 10 to 15 minute warm-up, pull the trigger for a smooth, even flow of adhesive. An adjustable thermostat controls the heater temperature.
The Astro Mini comes standard with a tapered, extended 0.070 in, (1.8 mm) orifice nozzle. A variety of dispensing nozzles are available.

AstroMini Hot Melt Glue Gun Features:

  • Saves money by using bulk adhesives instead of expensive plug or stick forms of adhesive
  • All-electric and ready-to-run, plug in and glue
  • Free standing support from attached wire stand
  • Insulated body for maximum safety and cool touch
  • Trigger-activated piston plunger assures smooth operation
  • Variety of sharp cut-off nozzles available
  • Dispenses 4 oz.(0.121) per minute
  • Lightweight and portable; balanced for comfortable use in any size hand
  • Wide filler neck accepts many forms of adhesive


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