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Nordson® DuraBlue 16L Glue Machine

Hose/Gun Capacity
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DuraBlue Series

Nordson® DuraBlue 16L Melter System

Nordson® DuraBlue melters provide everyting needed to begin adhesive application immediately: melter, hose, gun and nozzle. The hose and gun arrive assembled as a single part. To begin using the DuraBlue melter system, simply connect the hose/gun assembly to the melter, mechanically and electrically, and supply power through the attached electricla cord.

A choice of guns meets virtually any manual or semi-automatic manufacturing requirement. The gun choices provide flexibility of triggering options, either hadn or foot control. A selection of hose lengths provides additional adaptability to meet specific production needs.

Nordson® DuraBlue 16L Features:

  • Ship in a single box
  • Are easy to install
  • Provide easy day-to-day operation
  • Simplify routine maintenance


Nordson® DuraBlue Melters are a field-proven, all-electric technology that delivers outstanding durability and value. Packagers who enjoyed the performance and value of our Slautterback product line will appreciate the added features of DuraBlue melters. These melters are ideal for all-electric dispensing or manual/handgun packaging operations.

DuraBlue L Series

For those who don't require the sophistication of programming options offered with the DuraBlue series melters, Nordson® offers the DuraBlue L series melters. DuraBlue L is similar in function and capacity to the DuraBlue series with the following exceptions:

  • DuraBlue L has no numeric keypad on the front panel
  • DuraBlue L has no serial port for uploading /downloading software or information.
  • DuraBlue L is only capable of 2 hose/gun operation
  • DuraBlue L is available only as 120 or 240 VAC single phase
  • DuraBlue L has no standard I/O connection capabilities
  • DuraBlue L has no password protection feature.


As a previsously authorized distributor for the Nordson® Corporation who better to trust than someone with years of experience and knowledge. We have a large inventory of Nordson® compatible parts and can ship same day!!!! Need a Nordso®n manual for your equipment? We are just a phone call away and have factory trained technicians ready to troubleshoot your problems. 800-642-7876


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