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E900 Electric Applicator, DC Coil, Single Module

E900 Electric Applicator, DC Coil, Single Module

Heater Voltage
Coil Voltage
E900 All-Electric Applicator

Modular Auto-Electric Applicator by Astro Packaging

The all-electric E900 is the industry’s most versatile, modular, precision miniature hot melt applicator. The standard E900 design allows arrangement of up to eight individual valve modules on a manifold. Adhesive feeds to the manifold through one hose. Each valve module supplies adhesive to a single nozzle, ensuring sharp cut off and multiple bead patterns. Various adhesive patterns are achieved on the same applicator by electrically programming the activity of up to four independent valve groups.

The E900 all-electric design ensures performance and reliability. Advantages include the elimination of compressed air with cumbersome air valves and supporting apparatus, including seals and high maintenance parts.

The E900 accepts AC or DC signals to energize the coils on the valve modules. For high performance applications, ultra fast and accurate firing rates are obtained with Astro Packaging head drivers. The E900 operates at speeds in excess of 6,000 cycles per minute when aided by Astro Packaging head drivers using conventional packaging adhesives. Accurate temperature control to ±1 °F (1 °C) is achieved with w sensors and Astro Packaging microprocessor temperature controllers.

Direct Current (DC):

The voltage source behind the direct current has the same polarity all the time. (REQUIRES DRIVER).

DC Power: High Line Speed

  • Requires Driver: A driver will spike voltage to the solenoid increasing voltage providing a signal to the applicator


Industry Standard Nozzle Thread Pitch

Astro Packaging E900 applicators have multiple nozzle thread pitch options, making spare parts inventory a breeze. Choose from standard E900 nozzles, or convert to 3/8-24 thread pitch to match popular Nordson® H200 and Blue Series nozzles.

  • All electric operations
  • Only one moving part per valve module
  • No compressed air required
  • Eliminates high-maintenance air valves and regulators
  • Up to 6,000 cycles per minute
  • Quick change valve modules feature a plug-in electric coil assembly
  • All wear-prone components are easily replaceable
  • Independent operation; up to four valve groups on a single manifold
  • Integrated heavy-duty adhesive filter available
  • Replacement kits available to easily convert competitor guns to Astro E900 applicators

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