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Astro Packaging Hot Melt Equipment & Hot Melt Adhesives

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Reliable Glue Machines and Glue Dispensing Systems

Astro Packaging was founded on two ideas, provide honest solutions and deliver reliable performance. From the start, nothing was more important than improving the productivity of our customers by setting new industry standards for adhesive packaging reliability. Today we focus our attention on designing rugged glue machines that run continuously, month after month, year after year, with no pattern deterioration and minimal downtime. We attribute our success to the loyal customers who value high level adhesive dispensing equipment performance.


We refer to our approach as “an erector set of standardized adhesive dispensing equipment components.” Our glue machines are designed for reliability and flexibility. These glue machines are assembled into completely configured glue dispensing systems to solve each customer’s unique requirements. Each glue machine is tested with adhesive material at specified operating temperatures to ensure the desired performance of each adhesive dispensing system. This minimizes installation time and provides quick start-up for full speed production.

Astro Packaging is committed to providing our customers unmatched service and prove our value daily by maintaining one of the largest inventories of glue dispensing equipment in our state of the art warehouse facility. Our sales and technical staff are factory trained with excellent product knowledge and we have a proven track record of high-quality glue dispensing equipment at competitive prices.

Thousands of Astro Packaging glue machines around the world get critical jobs done right. From our headquarters in Anaheim, CA, our dedicated family of employees stand ready to support your hot melt equipment needs.

“When experience counts, you can count on us!”

Thank you for your support - Astro Packaging


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