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Astro Packaging Model 34B Case Sealer
Astro Packaging Model 34B Case Sealer
Astro Model 34B Case Sealer
Model 34B Side & End Case Sealer

Model 34B Side & End Case Sealer

Astro Packaging’s Model 34 Side Sealer is a unique
offering for bed frame, book shelf and floor
manufacturing for sealing the long edge of boxes.

Astro Packaging’s MODEL 34B SIDE & END SEALER is a unique offering for the bed frame and book shelf industry, among others, for sealing the long edge of boxes. It is built ruggedly for a 24/7 operation and capable of a maximum speed of up to 4 cases per minute (dependant on operator dexterity.)

The machine uses a side belt drive to carry the case past the glue gun and seal the long side flap. By using side belts, there are no flight bars or side lugs to cause timing problems that result in jams and spills due to the bars or lugs tearing through the case and product. Also, because we use wide belts and a large   hp motor, there is no bottom belt needed to drive the case through the machine, so this eliminates the need to clean the bottom belt as it can collect random glue spray.

Astro Packaging also offers as an option, automatic end sealing. After the case exits the side belt sealer, it comes to a stop, squared, and then pushed 90  to apply hot melt and then close the flaps.

  • Up to 4 cases per minute rate (dependent on operator dexterity.)
  • Power coated steel frame (silver hammer tone).
  • 4” wide side belt drive.
  • VFD drive with speed control knob for setting side belt speed.
  • Side belts driven by line shaft and gearing to insure uniform side belt feed rate.
  • Quick size changeover via lead screws with digital readout.
  • Simple two photo eyes for glue start/stop application.
  • One gun in machine, and two hand guns on discharge for manual end sealing.
  • Nip and pinch point guarding.
  • Non-lube service pneumatic components.
  • 208-230 Volts AC 1 or 3-phase 30 amp main supply (other voltages are available).
  • Horsepower main drive motor.
  • Stainless steel construction with NEMA 4X electrical.
  • Fully automatic end sealer option.
  • Full Lexan® guarding with interlocks.
  • Stainless steel construction


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