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Astro KB30 Hot Melt Unit

MELTER, KB30, 240V

High Performance Extrusion Melt Unit.  The KB30 Melt Unit supplies hotmelt adhesive for a wide range of manual or automatic packaging, product assembly and other industrial operations. Designed for a variety of applications, the KB30 holds up to 30 lbs. (14kg) of hotmelt in pillow, pellet, slab or bulk form. The cylindrical shape of the Teflon ® -lined melt tank concentrates heat at the bottom while maintaining cool temperatures at the top. This minimizes adhesive degradation and charring to reduce pump, hose and nozzle plugging.

An electric motor driving the positive displacement gear pump pressurizes and feeds adhesive through heated hoses to handguns or automatic heads. The reliable and rugged KB30 is one of  Slautterback's workhorses.


  • All-electric models operate from 200-230 VAC power sources
  • Fan-cooled 86/72 rpm motor for low maintenance and long life
  • No compressed air- reduces maintenance costs and downtime
  • Reliable, smooth output gear pump handles a wide range of materials with viscosity's to 70,000 centipoise
  • Fast warm-up and continuous melting using 3000W
  • Choices feature standard V1 pump or high performance V2 or V3
  • Finned melt grid in tank bottom increases adhesive melt rate
  • Convenient hardwire connections to pattern controllers
  • No rotary pump seals on pump shaft to cause leakage problems
  • Two handgun or five automatic head capacity
  • Pump rates up to 170 LB/hr (77.1 kg/hr) for high performance
  • Choice of thermostat, single-zone solid state or multi-zone microprocessor controllers


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