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Graco® PC-8 Pattern Controller

Graco® PC-8 Controller, 24 Events

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Pattern Controllers

Graco® InvisiPac Pattern Control System

Put the right amount of adhesive exactly where you want it!

Fast setup, easy programming, pattern storage - it all adds up to increased productivity with the flexibility to adapt when you need to. Add adhesive tracking by integrating the pattern controller with your Graco® InvisiPac hot melt equipment and be confident you’re putting down the right amount of adhesive at the right time.

  • Save money by converting from a solid bead to a stitched bead with the push of a button
  • Highly intuitive color LCD interface – easy to learn, easy to use
  • On-screen pattern preview eliminates guesswork
  • Interface with the LineSite™ Remote Monitoring Solution for optimal process control

The Graco® InvisiPac Pattern Control system can be integrated with InvisiPac systems or stand alone with any other equipment. For all installations, the Advanced Display Module (ADM) is used to make programming easy. Graco® PC-8 controllers operate in time or distance mode without an encoder. Up to 8 guns and 4 independent triggers are supported.

Easy pattern setup

  • See pattern definitions all on one page for a comprehensive view
  • Eliminate the guesswork of pattern setup with on-screen pattern preview
  • Copy, delete or name patterns so you can change quickly and keep your line running
  • Clone one gun sequence to another when all you need is to repeat the job
  • Save time by inserting or deleting beads without editing the rest of the pattern


  • Save on adhesive consumption by changing solid beads to stitched beads
  • Easily stitch individual beads or the entire pattern
  • Turn stitching on or off with the push of a button
  • Document the savings by integrating with your InvisiPac Hot Melt Delivery System

Operating modes

  • Time-based – for those cases where all you need is simple pattern control
  • Distance-based at a fixed line speed or with an encoder – for when you need precise control or when you want to adjust to changing line speeds
  • Not sure? Switch between modes without changing the program!

Variable line speed compensation

  • Match adhesive output with line speed – put down less at slow speeds and more at high speeds – the right amount when and where you want it


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