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Case Erector and Poly-Bag Case Liner

Case Erector and Poly‐Bag Case Liner - PBCL‐32ET

Automatic Packaging Machine: Case Erector and Poly Bag Case Liner
Minimum Case Size: 9 x 9 x 6 in.
Maximum Case Size: 21 x 15 x 16 in.

Astro Packaging Case Erector and Poly Bag Case Liner

Astro Packaging's model PBCL‐32ET automatic case erector poly bag case liner is designed with your floor space and operating environment in mind. Changeover from one case to another is easily performed via a few adjustments while its small size makes it a comfortable fit on your production floor. The machine can run up to – dependent on case size ‐ a maximum speed of 12 cases per minute.

The machine opens the case via opposed vacuum cups to “pull” the case open to assure consistent and reliable case erection. The case proceeds to the lining station where bag is fed, cut from the roll, opened and cuffed over the open flaps of the case. Bag web control is assured via dual feed rolls; one set for feeding the “dancer” roll and another to feed bag into the case. Bag roll supply rests in a cradle with no need of a spindle to reduce the time of bag replenishment.

Bag opening is performed via dual vacuum blocks that assure opening of bags while providing a non-pinching surface so bag tearing does not occur. An induced vacuum from the bottom of the open case “draws” the bag into the bottom and sides of the case “lining” it with poly thus removing the risk of the bag becoming drawn into the case during the filling process. Cuffing of the bag is performed last so the bag does not tear over the open flaps. After bag insertion the case’s flaps are closed and pressure sensitive tape is applied. The finished case is discharged to your conveyor ready for filling.

Standard Case Erector and Poly-Bag Case Liner Features:

  • Speeds up to 12 cases per minute.
  • Angle fed case magazine.
  • Power coated steel frame (medium gray.)
  • Bag cradle (no spindle needed for bag feed.)
  • Programmable logic control.
  • Color operator interface.
  • Ethernet IP communication.
  • NEMA 12 wiring with 24 Volt DC controls.
  • Guarding with monitored safety circuit.
  • Pressure sensitive tape sealing.
  • Changeover via hand wheels with digital readout.
  • Non‐lube service pneumatic components.
  • 480 Volts AC 3‐phase 10 amp main supply (other voltages are available.)
  • Supply demand photo-eye.
  • Small footprint.

Optional Case Erector and Poly Bag Case Liner Features:

  • Stainless steel construction with NEMA 4X electrical.
  • Low bag supply alarm.
  • Low tape supply alarm.
  • Low case supply alarm.
  • Hot melt closure.

Allow us to show you how the PBCL‐32ET automatic case erector poly‐bag case liner can be the solution to your needs.


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