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ITW Dynatec® Simplicity Adhesive Supply Unit

ITW Dynatec® Simplicity Adhesive Supply Unit

The SimplicityTM ASU takes innovation, technology and performance to the next level. Clear, intuitive V6 controls and a modular design make it simple to install, operate and maintain. With a distinctive new orange ceramic coating, this compact unit features an HMI and hopper lid swivel for fl exible confi gurations, while its small internal reservoir and auto-feeding system rivals “tankless” systems. To match the production needs optimally, at the 16 kg hopper (only) a pre-melt grid can be mounted to increase the adhesive melt rate and two piston pumps can be mounted to double the delivery rate, which make SimplicityTM unique and exceptional in his class.

ITW Dynatec® Simplicity Features:

  • “Turn it on and walk away” convenience makes it an outstanding value
  • Vertically integrated pump with easy-spin pump filter
  • Easy-to-operate single board control eliminates the need for extensive training
  • Melt-On-Demand technology eliminates charring and reduces maintenance
  • Dual piston pump capabilities (16 kg unit only)
  • All-in-one filter/regulator with integrated pre-filter and coalescing filter

The Simplicity ASU is a computer‐controlled hot‐melt supply unit designed on metric standards. Its “all‐icon" control panel, with choice of display languages, is internationally operator friendly. It is available for 240V (1Ph), 240V (3Ph Delta) or 400V (3Ph Wye) service. A transformer kit is available for 400V (3Ph Delta) and 480V (3Ph Delta).

The ASU provides accurate, proportionate temperature control for the hopper, hoses and applicators. A “standby" temperature may be programmed so that the temperature zones can be maintained at a lower temperature when the ASU is not in active use, enabling rapid return to normal operation. A seven‐day scheduler and adhesive level sensor are also available.

Digital readout of system conditions is provided. Optional external audible signals or lights which alert the operator to alarm conditions may be wired in. A security code can restrict access to system programming and parameters. The CPU monitors the electronic circuitry and provides alarms for error conditions.

The Simplicity ASU uses a dependable, constant‐pressure piston pump 12:1. This airoperated pump ensures a high-pressure adhesive output from a low pressure, compressed air input. Two piston pumps can optionally be mounted at the 16 kg hopper (only) to double the delivery rate.

The Simplicity's hopper (4, 8 or 16 kg) accepts adhesive in all popular forms, including pellets, slugs and blocks. A pre-melt grid can optionally be mounted at the 16 kg hopper to increase the adhesive melt rate. The ASU can accommodate air‐actuated automatic applicators (heads), electric applicators, hand‐held applicators and/or special applicators.


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