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Nordson® Style Hot Melt Equipment

Nordson® Glue Machines | Nordson® Hot Melt Hoses | Nordson® Hot Melt Guns

The Nordson® Corporation is the largest manufacturer of hot melt parts and equipment in the world. As a previous authorized distributor for Nordson® hot melt, Astro Packaging has over 40 years of experience servicing the Nordson® corporation’s hot melt division.

Astro Packaging manufactures direct replacement parts that are drop-in compatible with existing Nordson® hot melt equipment. You can save up to 60% versus true Nordson® hot melt hoses, modules, Nordson® glue tips, nozzles, ProBlue pumps, power boards and most components for Nordson® glue machines. Astro Packaging Nordson® style hot melt hoses are durable and come with a one year warranty for automatic hot melt hose applications. Nordson® style heated hoses are made with a variety of hose covers; braided, durabraid, corrugated, hi flex, water wash/wash down and high pressure materials.

Astro Packaging also refurbishes and sells reconditioned Nordson® glue machines, including the Nordson® ProBlue series hot melt units or the Nordson® DuraBlue glue machine. Each glue machine refurbished by Astro Packaging comes with a one-year warranty on the parts and equipment.

Direct Replacement Parts for Nordson® Hot Melt Equipment


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