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Quick Change In-Line Filter Assy.

Mesh Size
Quick Change In-Line Filter Assembly

Nordson® Style Quick-Change Inline Saturn Filters

Astro Packaging manufactures quick-change inline filters that help prevent char and debris from passing through the hot melt glue system to the applicator. Nordson® style quick change filters protect against nozzle plugging and subsequent downtime, and also prevent bonding issues from char and contaminants being dispensed onto the substrate.

Quick-change inline filter assemblies can be installed with straight, 45° and 90° degree configurations to help with hose connections and accessibility. A variety of filter mesh sizes (50 mesh, 100 mesh, 200 mesh) are also available to match application requirements and maximize filtration. Quick-change inline filter cartridges are easy to change, and don't require disassembly to replace. The disposable filter cartridge simply screws in or out for easy removal or installation on a hot melt adhesive system.

Quick Change Filter Features:

  • Replace filters without disconnecting hose and gun
  • Filter traps contaminants that can plug nozzles and lead to downtime
  • Easy maintenance and protection to adhesive glue system.

Contact Astro Packaging for quick-change inline filter support to help protect your adhesive system from harmful char and debris. 800-642-7876.


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