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Nordson® ProBlue 7 Glue Machine

Hose/Gun Capacity
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ProBlue Series

Nordson® ProBlue 7 Adhesive Melter

Nordson® ProBlue melters are simple and compact, designed to maximze uptime and reuce operating costs. These rugged, flexible, non-handed melters fit virtually any packaging line. ProBlue 4 systems are all 5 hose capable and have multiple electrical configurations. The holding capacity on the Nordson® ProBlue 7 is 6.8 kg (15lbs) and a melt rate of 8.2 kg/hr (18 lbs/hr)

ProBlue melters are specifically designed to melt and pump solid-form hot melt materials that are engineered to be liquified and extruded at temperatures below 230 C (450 F). They should be used with compatible hot melt hoses and guns and should only be used in non-explosive environments

ProBlue 7 Melt Unit Features:

  • The ProBlue 7 melt unit and service envelope is approximately 20% and 50% smaller than the Nordson® 3000 Series.
  • Large tank opening with three sided access allows easier filling and cleaner operation.
  • Status-at-a-glance indicators highlight ready, fault, service and temperature status for tank, hose and gun.
  • Simplified intuitive controls and service indicators require less user training and simplify maintenance scheduling
  • Disposable filter reduces daily maintenance by eliminating routine filter flushing.
  • Standard tank low-level indicator and output protects against operator oversight and helps assure continuous production.
  • Standard prgrammable I/O facilitate parent machine integration.
  • Remote temperatur setback, hose/gun enable/disable, and automatic temperature setback are standard programmable features to enhance operation.
  • Communication options and serial and network communications allow imiporved integration into parent machine control systems.
  • All major components are easily accessible from the front of the melter, and all major subsystems are easily replaced.
  • Quick-disconnect primary power and I/O plugs and pneumatic fittings provide easier installation
  • Easy-to-remove exterior panels are constructed of rugged sheet molded FRP and include a heavy duty tank lid
  • Cast-in heating elements and Teflon® coated tanks provide fast warm-up time, improve heat transfer and reduce char buildup.


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