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EM-900 Electric Applicator, AC/DC Coil, Single Module

Heater Voltage
Coil Voltage

EM-900 Series All Electric Applicator

The EM-900 Series Electric gun is a derivative of the Slautterback® E900 Series applicator, and is composed of one or more miniature valve modules attached to a heated manifold. The EM-900 gun has a different cordset connector and is not compatible with Slautterback® products. The Nordson® style EM-900 Series gun will not fit on existing Slautterbac system.

Available in standard, top-entry, and low profiles, Astro Packaging’s EM-900 Series guns adapt to side, top or bottom apply applications. Individual valve modules and blanking kits arrange on the manifold to fit specific adhesive pattern spacings. Valve modules are easily interchangeable for cleaning or replacement. The standard design allows for up to eight individual valve modules on a manifold. The minimum nozzle centerline distance is 1 inch (25.4 mm). Adhesive feeds to the manifold through one hose. Each valve module supplies adhesive to a single nozzle, ensuring sharp cutoff and multiple bead patterns. Various adhesive patterns are achieved on the same applicator by electrically programming the activity of up to four independent valve groups.

The EM-900 Series all-electric design ensures performance and reliability. Advantages include the elimination of compressed air eliminating high maintenance parts.

EM-900 Series Applicator Features:

  • Sharp adhesive cut-off improvs quality and reduces rejects.
  • Operates up to 6,000 cycles per minute
  • Independent operation fo up to four valve modules on the manifold.
  • All-electric design ensures performance and reliability
  • Quick change valve modules and quick disconnect electrical connectors simplify installation and maintenance.


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