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Astro/SLB V2-545 Gear Pump

PUMP, V2-545 GEAR PUMP, .545 CID
Product SKU: 79179-3

Astro Packaging/Slautterback® V2 Hot Melt Gear Pump

The V2 hot melt gear pump is constructed of corrosion resistant materials and incorporate a second set of bearings to provide support for both ends of the gear shafts. This design results in added strength, stability, higher pressure capability, more uniform pressure control and increased pump life. The V2 hot melt pump is recommended for all high performance applications, standard and higher RPM motors and for pumping adhesives that are hard on typical hot melt equipment.

The V2 glue pump is available on the AP Series and KB Series 30, 50 and 100 pound melt units. The flow control valve in the V2 pump block functions more precisely than the V1 Series hot melt pump. The V2 glue pump also has a recirculation feature in the pump block to return adhesive to the base of the tank rather than directly back to the pump. Thus, the V2 hot melt pump is gentler on adhesive and can pump higher viscosity, harder to handle materials more effectively than the V1 gear pump.



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