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TPC-9 Pattern Controller

TPC-9 Hot Melt Pattern Controller, 2 Events

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Pattern Controllers
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TPC-9 Time-Based Pattern Controller

Reliable Dispensing Technology

The TPC-9 Pattern Controller from Astro Packaging, used in conjunction with your hot melt adhesive glue gun, accurately controls glue output on your application. For reduced waste and more consistent output, users can program a custom pattern with up to two glue events, or the TPC-9 can also be set to economy mode. When set to economy mode, the TPC-9 will automatically create a glue stitch pattern and save 30-50% on your glue usage. Both utilize adhesive more efficiently while still ensuring a strong bond.

The TPC-9 hot melt pattern controller is available in 24VDC or 120VAC output signal. The TPC-9 pattern controller also gives you the flexibility to store up to 9 programs of different glue patterns, saving time when running different box sizes and glue patterns. The test mode feature of the TPC-9 is available for maintenance and/or troubleshooting.

TPC-9 Pattern Controller Features:

  • Single input/output, 2 event hot melt pattern controller.
  • 'Economy Mode' setting for simplified glue stick patterns that can cut glue usage by 30-50%.
  • Accurate adhesive output for consistent quality.
  • Can store up to 9 different program settings for multiple sized products and glue patterns.

The Astro DIfference - Switch to Stitch and Save

Replace a 6” continuous adhesive bead with a 6” skip pattern, and you cut adhesive consumption by up to 50%. It’s simple, and the savings are certain. The TPC-9 also goes the extra mile with a built-in algorithm that always ends an event with glue when using a stitch pattern so the edge is never “skipped.” Make the switch today and see the savings for yourself.


Downloadable PDF:

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