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Nordson® Style AD41 Handgun, RTD

Product SKU: Please See DG2 Handgun
Nordson® Style AD41 Handgun Applicator

Nordson® Series AD41 Handguns

Versatile AD-41 Handguns adapt to production requirements with easy pattern conversions from extrusion to swirl or wide-pattern spray. A range of designs offers choice of dispensing orientations for ergonomic function and pinpoint bead placement, including bottom-feed, top-feed, and down-apply positioning.

Nordson® Style AD41 Handgun Features:

  • Exposed hydraulic fitting and quick-disconnect electrical cordset
  • Pre-Assembled handguns don't require an wiring or assembly to install
  • Pattern adapters and a wide variety of nozzle styles and sizes provide easy pattern conversion for application-specific performance
  • Bottom-feed, top-feed, and down-apply configurations offer diverse product assembly application options
  • 360° Swivel action gives a wide range of motion without hose twisting, reducing hose stress and improved mobility
  • Optional air kit permits on-off control of air flow via the trigger switch
  • Ergonomic design features balanced handgrip and smooth pivot action to minimize operator fatigue and provides accurate bead placement at any angle
  • Convenient thumb safety switch locks the trigger to help prevent accidental dispensing
  • Impact-resistant shell and durable hose connectors extend service life
  • RTD temperature control maintains temperature stability to provide consistent adhesive viscosity and reduce temperature fluctuations that negatively impact flow and cause char build up


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