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Astro ET9 Glue Pattern Controller, 9 Events

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Pattern Controllers
Product SKU: 77085

Astro ET9 Pattern Controller

The ET-9 must be connected to a properly grounded circuit and installed in accordance with appropriate local electrical codes. Failure to properly connect this equipment can result in personal injury or damage to the equipment Astro Packaging will not be held liable for injuries or damage, whether direct or indirect, caused by use or misuse of this equipment.

ET-9 Event Timer Overview:

This solid state, microprocessor based timer is easy to operate. The user selects one of four dispensing head groups and adjusts the time event duration for a glue or gap pattern for this head group. The event sequence is initiated by an external trigger. ET-9 will accept up to 9 glue or gap events per head group and provides stitch capability during any glue event. Each event pattern is switch selected, providing 1.0 millisecond resolution and ~0.5 millisecond accuracy and repeatability. Nine complete pattern arrangements can be stored for instant recall and set-up changes. ET-9 also provides input, output and power isolation, eliminating problems associated with system ground/neutral, floating voltages and noise triggering.

ET-9 Pattern Controller Features:

  • All solid state microprocessor based electronics.
  • Simple toggle switch programming procedure.
  • Independent programming of all 4 head groups.
  • Two input triggers for separate event sequence initiation.
  • Selection and adjustment of any head group program while the system is running an event sequence.
  • A self test is performed when processor is powered up.
  • A 4 digit time display (9.999 seconds)
  • An LED display for dependability and easy viewing
  • Function head test switch
  • Control of on-off function for motors and solenoids
  • Control of time dependent functions of a parent machine
  • Five year (power off) memory data retention

The ET-9 will operate with any Astro Packaging Applicator Head. It has an internal 24 WC power supply which can be used to switch a 24 VDC solenoid valve. The ET-9 can also be used with Nordson® or Graco/LTI products. (A n external 24 V supply may be required to power multiple solenoid valves).


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