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Astro AP100 Hot Melt Unit, 6 H/G
Accepts Nordson® Hoses/Guns

Popular Glue Machines
AP Series
MELTER, AP100, 240V, 6 H/G, 170 RPM, TC1300
Product SKU: 75571

This versatile melt unit is ruggedly designed for a wide range of adhesive and sealant applications. Practical features make it the most reliable melt unit available. With a capacity up to 100lbs (45.4kg) of hot melt in pillow, pellet, slab or bulk form. The unique tank shape is designed to minimize adhesive degradation, charring and foreign matter accumulation. A finned melt grid optimizes heat transfer to the adhesive as it moves into the pump inlet, eliminating hot spotting issues.  A motor driven gear pump dispenses the molten hot melt intermittently or continuously to as many as six heated delivery hoses and handgun or automatic dispensing heads.  A choice of positive displacement gear pumps, coupled with a variety of durable electric drive motors provide optimal performance for most manual or automatic dispensing applications. Replaceable 50 mesh pump filters are available for applications requiring filtration. 


  • Drop in replacement for Nordson® melters (Problue 50 or single pump Alta Blue)
  • 1-6 hoses with automatic applicators or hand guns
  • All-Electric opperation, no compressed air required
  • Simple, user friendly digital controls
  • High performance pump rates up to 395 lbs/hr. (179kg/hr.)
  • Reliable, smooth output gear pumps to handle a wide range of materials


Downloadable PDF:

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