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Astro ET4 Pattern Controller, 4 Events

Astro ET4 Pattern Controller

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Astro ET4 Glue Pattern Controller

The ET4 hot melt pattern controller is a microprocessor-based, four event timer, that controls glue-gap or stitch adhesive patterns at fixed line speeds. The ET4 accepts two trigger inputs and controls output to two independent applicator valve groups. One pattern setup for each valve group is retained in memory when power is off.

The ET4 glue pattern controller controls adhesive deposition in a wide variety of fixed speed product assembly and packaging applications. Typical applications include carton and case sealing, pallet load stabilization, cap lining and labeling. The pattern controller directs applicators to apply adhesive according to a programmed four event pattern setup. An event is an individual glue or gap occurrence in a pattern. Each glue event may be stitched, resulting in pattern versatility and adhesive savings.

The ET 4 controls one or two independent valve groups. A valve group consists of up to four E 100 or M 100 style valves, or up to sixteen E900 style valve modules. Input signals trigger the ET4 to activate the pattern, transmitting output power to the valve groups. Two timing modes; Standard (0.001 to 999.9 milliseconds) and high resolution (0.l to 999.9 milliseconds) allow more precise control of event duration.

Programming and adjusting pattern setups is simple with convenient toggle switches. In addition the ET4 trigger skip function allows the timer to interrupt the deposition after a selectable number of triggers, then resume gluing at the user's preset preference. A complete pattern control package consists of the ET4 and one or two photo-eye sensors. For increased pattern accuracy, an HD1 or HD2a Head Driver should be included.

ET4 Glue Pattern Controller Features:

  • Two timers in one: Controls two independent valve groups from two separate inputs.
  • Simple toggle switch programming and operation.
  • Stitch patterns for adhesive cost savings.
  • On the fly adjustment of any pattern event.
  • Power-off memory for one pattern setup.
  • Program lock security.
  • Optically isolated circuits for electrical noise immunity.


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