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Astro 817-L16 Top Only Case Sealer

Automatic Packaging Machine: Top Only Case Sealer
Minimum Case Size: 6 x 6 x 6 in.
Maximum Case Size: 16 x 16 x 16 in.
Product SKU: 817-L16

The model 817 Eco Top Only Case Sealer is the industry choice for its rugged construction and capability to satisfy 24/7 operations. The machine is built on a powder coated, mild steel frame.

This semi-automatic, bottom belt drive, top only case sealer is made specifically for hand packing operations; the machine includes an 18” long x 24” wide hand packing station. After hand packing, operator pushes case into machine and it takes care of the rest; glue application, major flap folding and compression.

The major benefit of this machine is giving the owner the ability to provide their customers’ a glued case, affordably. Another plus is a glued box is more attractive, over tape seal, as glue DOES NOT cover your graphics. Glue sealing is also better for your bottom line, since, over time, gluing is cheaper than tape, and a glued box makes pilferage of valuable product, harder.

If you have multiple case sizes, that is not a problem, as there are just two adjustments to make via hand cranks for case height and width, while selecting the glue pattern is easily performed via the included 3” operator interface. The provided pattern controller can store up to 10 different 4-event patterns. Changeovers take no longer than a minute or two!

Astro Packaging also provides a wide range of other case sealer types to accommodate the packaging industry’s other needs and speeds.

Allow us to show you how the model 817 Eco Top Only case sealer can be the solution to your needs.


  • 10-15 cases per minute rate (speed dependant on operator dexterity).
  • Power coated steel frame (Silver Hammertone).
  • Magnetic motor starter.
  • 8” bottom belt driven via a ½ horsepower motor.
  • 3” operator interface to edit and select glue patterns, start/stop motor.
  • E-stop mushroom push button switch.
  • Quick size changeover.
  • ITW hot melt unit with 2-nozzle dual orifice application gun.
  • 60 PSI air supply at 1 SCFM.
  • 208-230 Volts AC 1-phase 15 amp main supply (other voltages are available).
  • 24-volt DC controls.
  • Lock-out/Tag-out disconnect switch.
  • Line height adjustable; 27” to 33”.
  • Small footprint.


  • Stainless steel construction with NEMA 4X electrical.
  • Casters for portability.
  • Hot melt system of your choice.


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