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L4 Handgun, Switched

Electrical Sensor
Product SKU: 75464-8899
Astro Packaging/Slautterback® Switched L4 Handgun

All Electric, Impact Resistant L4 Handgun Applicator

The L4 Handgun is a lightweight, manually operated applicator for hot melt adhesives and other thermoplastic materials. A flexible heated hose supplies hot melt adhesive from the melt unit to the handgun. L4 Handguns are available in high temperature models that are rated for high temperatures and more rigorous applications.

The “switched” L4 handgun has pump/motor control within the handgun trigger and activates the pump and motor only when the trigger is pulled. The ability to control pump and motor activity maximizes the performance and extends the lifetime of the pump while also providing a much safer environment for operators.

  • Precision Clean cut-off and glue placement with trigger switch activation.  RTD sensors for precise temperature control.
  • Durability Built with impact resistant high-heat plastic for the most dependable and durable manual hot melt applicator.
  • Flexibility The L4 spray kit adapter allows for spray or bead applications. Available in 120V/240V RTD or T-Stat configurations



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