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Nordson® Style Nozzle, H200, Dual Orifice, StraightNordson Style Nozzle, H200, Dual Orifice, Straight

Nordson® Style Nozzle, H200, Dual Orifice, Straight

Nozzle Spread
Orifice Diameter
Compatible Gun
H200, Blue Series, GM100, GS35
Product SKU: APNN52032

Nordson® Style Dual Orifice Glue Nozzles

Astro Packaging Nordson® dual orifice hot melt nozzles provide excellent control of glue placement and bead width to maximize product quality and reduce product rejects. Nordson® style dual orifice glue nozzle flow accuracy and consistency increase application control and reduce glue usage. Wide tip precision nozzle design increase durability and cut-off control.

Dual orifice Nordson® style hot melt nozzles improve heat transfer to nozzle tip to provide cleaner cut-off with packaging grade hot melts and eliminate glue stringing. Manufactured with close-tolerance machining, Astro Packaging Nordson® dual orifice nozzles provide accurate bead placement with a variety of spread sizes to match glue placement requirements. This added quality results in consistent flow and uniform patterns without jeopardizing your substrates bond quality.

Nordson® Style Dual Orifice Hot Melt Nozzle Features:

  • Direct replacements for Nordson® Saturn dual orifice precision nozzles
  • Dual orifice nozzles provide two glue beads for tighter spacing than multi-module guns
  • Delivers uniform velocity for up-firing with minimal splashback
  • Improved heat transfer results in cleaner cut-off and usability
  • Consistent adhesive flow for uniform patterns and long term glue savings

Contact Astro Packaging for help identifying the correct nozzle orifice size and engagement length for your Nordson hot melt glue guns. 800-642-7876


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