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Astro AP15 Hot Melt Glue Unit
Astro AP15 Hot Melt Glue Unit

Astro AP15 Hot Melt Unit, 4 H/G
Accepts Nordson® Hoses/Guns

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AP Series
MELTER, AP15, 240V, 4 H/G, 86 RPM, TC900
Product SKU: 77700

Astro Packaging AP15 Hot Melt Glue Machine

Astro Packaging sets the mark with the new AP15 hot melt unit. The AP15 utilizes an adjustable output flow control with a constant speed, direct drive motor/pump combination. This extremely reliable melt unit holds 15lbs. of hot melt adhesive. The Cylindrical tank design virtually eliminates the possibility of char build up and degradation. An integrated flow through melt grid ensures consistent pump rates and adhesive delivery. Capable of up to (4) hoses and applicators, the AP15 temperature controller is simple to navigate.

  • Simplicity: The AP15 temperature controller gives users the ability to make simple adjustments keeping operations running efficiently.
  • Reliability: Eliminate glue char with the cylindrical tank design helping to reduce unwanted spare parts expense and downtime.
  • Flexibility: The AP15 supports up to (4) hoses and applicators. With new heated flow control design, the pump offers smooth consistent hot melt delivery.


  • Replaces Nordson®, Melton & ITW Challenger units
  • Supports up to (4) hoses and applicators
  • Bead extrusion for manual or automatic applicators
  • 200V-240V configuration, 1 PH or 3 PH
  • Ni120, RTD sensor accuracy
  • Compatible with all Nordson® accessories


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