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DG2 Handgun, Universal Connectors

DG2 Handgun, Universal Connectors

Electrical Connector
Product SKU: DG2H2A

DG2 Handgun:

The DG2 is designed for flexibility connecting to the adhesive supply hose through either a ball swivel fitting or an axial rotation (rotary) fitting. Adhesive output may be oriented for straight or right angle application with a variety of bead and spiral spray nozzles available. The DG2 applicator can be fitted for a two- or four-fingered trigger, and set up for bottom-entry or top-entry hose connection.


  • Rotary or ball swivel with top or bottom hose connection
  • Ergonomic handle with a clear sight line to the nozzle tip
  • Two or Four finger trigger with built-in trigger lock
  • Easy to change cartridge heater and sensor
  • Straight or right angle nozzle adapter
  • Supports bead or swirl applications

Modular Design:

The DG2 handgun can be configured with a two or four finger trigger that comes with a rotary swivel for top or bottom feed hose connections. The DG2 is rugged and made of durable glass filled nylon for long lasting operation. View these drawings below to learn more about the DG2’s flexible configuration options.


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