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Slautterback® E100 Hot Melt Applicator

Astro E100XT Hot Melt Gun, Single Module

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Astro / Slautterback® E100XT Hot Melt Applicator

The E100XT glue head is an all electric hot melt adhesive dispensing head. As the central valving components of Astro Packaging hot melt systems, E100XT glue heads dispense beads or dots of hot melt adhesive or other thermoplastic materials. A large selection of nozzles provides a variety of adhesive patterns.

The E100XT hot melt applicator head design is simple, reliable and durable. Requiring no compressed air or a complex valving system, the E100XT consists of one simple valve, static o-ring, electric solenoid, two cartridge heaters, a sensor and a power cable. A pattern controller sends an electric signal to the solenoid to activate the valve and dispense adhesive.

The E100XT Head is slightly larger than the E100 and includes an additional heater. The extra heat source is important in high performance applications. Two heaters and a larger body provide excellent heat balance and more efficient heat transfer to the nozzle.

The standard speed E100XT valves are actuated by an AC voltage and meet most application requirements. If faster valving action or greater precision of pattern placement is required, the heads may be enhanced with an optional high speed DC voltage valving assembly. The high speed valve requires the use of a Astro Packaging Head Driver. Kits are available to replace other manufacturers’ automatic guns that easily adapt the E100XT heads.


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